We love Apple Strudle and Paarl

The Schuster bakery is known throughout the Vinschgau Valley and supplies markets across the region. But the bakery has its origin in our village. What started in 1939 as a small village bakery in Laatsch is today a family business in the fourth generation.
In the store in the village you will find all various sorts of bread, Paarl and of course the delicious strudel to start the day well fuelled for your adventures.

Fun and action on the Watles Rider

The Watles Rider is a mountain cart route on the Watles in South Tyrol. The route is 3.2 kilometers long and has a height difference of 300 meters. The track is suitable for all ages and offers a lot of fun.

The mountain carts are three-wheeled vehicles whose speed is controlled by the brakes. The mountain carts can carry up to two people. The rental for a mountain cart is 10 euros per trip.

The Watles Rider is a great experience for the whole family. The route is short and offers a lot of fun. The scenery is stunning and the view is just gorgeous.

Hiking on the irrigation channels

The irrigation channels in Malles are a popular destination for hikers and walkers. The paths lead along irrigation channels that were built in the Middle Ages to transport water from the mountains to the valleys.

The irrigation channels are well developed and offer a variety of opportunities for hikes and walks. The trails are suitable for all levels of difficulty and offer breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains.

Some of the most popular irrigation channels in Malles are:

The Waalweg Mals-Glurns

The Mals-Tschengls irrigation channel

The Waalweg Mals-Laas

The irrigation channels in Malles are a great destination for a day in nature. The trails offer a variety of opportunities for hikes and walks and the scenery is stunning.

Ski touring and snowshoeing

In winter, the Vinschgau becomes an Eldorado for ski tourers. In the immediate vicinity of the Apart Vinschgau there are enough ski tours for a whole week away from the ski slopes.

Our favorite tours are:

- Piz Sesvenna from Slingia

- Various ski tours in the Rojen valley, e.g. the Grionkopf or the Piz Rasass

- The Langtaufertal (definitely plan a break for Kaiserschmarrn at the Maseben ski hut!)

- Around Sulden, e.g. on the Suldenspitze (caution, crevasses!)

- Watle's circumnavigation

Skiing in the Ortler ski arena

In winter, the Vinschgau is transformed into a multifaceted ski area of ​​superlatives: the Ortler Skiarena offers over 400 km of varied and snow-sure slopes in 15 different ski areas.

When we are in Laatsch, we particularly like to ski in the following ski areas:

- The Watles is our local mountain and is ideal for families and leisurely skiers. Two chair lifts with a difference in altitude of 1000 meters open up approx. 15km wide and sunny slopes.

- The Schöneben-Haideralm-Nauders ski area is just a few minutes' drive from Laatsch. 23 lifts open up 135 km of slopes of all levels of difficulty.

- Sulden and Trafoi are located at the foot of the Ortler and allow skiing fun from October to May.

Historical churches in Laatsch

There are two special historical churches in Laatsch: the parish church of St. Leonhard and the chapel of St. Cecilia.

The parish church of St. Leonhard is the oldest church in Laatsch. It was built in the 12th century and is a Romanesque building. The church has a cruciform plan and a tower with an onion dome. Inside the church there are frescoes from the 14th century.

The Chapel of St. Cecilia is a baroque chapel built in the 17th century. The chapel has an octagonal plan and a domed roof. Inside the chapel there is an altar with a painting of Saint Cecilia.

The churches in Laatsch are important testimonies to the history and culture of the village.


The Vinschgau is also ideal for high-altitude tours. In addition to the Piz Sesvenna and the Weißkugel, the Ortler, at 3901m the highest mountain in South Tyrol, is a must for all experienced mountaineers.

The normal route via the Payerhütte is demanding and requires grade 3 climbing and climbing steep ice up to 45°. You will be rewarded with a breathtaking view of the Central Alps.

If you don't dare to do the tour alone: ​​there are mountain guide offices in Sulden and Malles.

South Tyrolean cuisine and mountain huts

Mmmh - a delicious Kaiserschmarren, we can not resist.
A stop at a mountain hut or alpine pasture is part of every hike and the South Tyrolean cuisine offers special culinary delights.
Huts with particularly good cuisine and beautiful views are for example
- Laatscher Alm
- Sesvenna hut
- Oberettes hut
- Maatscher alp

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